Want To Make Your Own Spirit?

Summerhall Distillery is here to help!

Liquid Development

As Edinburgh’s premiere small batch distillery, we are fully equipped to work with you, to bring your vision to life! Whether you are looking to create an original Gin, Rum, Vodka or just about any Liqueur- if you can dream it, we can make it! We also work with partners across Scotland to create unique Scotch Whiskies.

Full Service Production


First time creating a spirit? Summerhall Distillery will help you source everything you need, from bottles and labels to caps and corks. Ensuring everything will fit perfectly together and bring your perfect bottle to life!


Our twin 500L copper stills paired with our premium spirit & your unique selection of botanicals allow us to create incredible premium spirits that you and your customers will love.


Unlike many small distilleries, we keep our bottling in house! From miniatures to litre bottles, hand wax dipped bottles and anything in-between. We have a capacity of over 3000 bottles per day and no expensive change parts needed with total flexibility.

Quality Assurance

We guarantee the quality of every bottle that flows out of our doors, and we’re here to help you ensure your product is compliant with local regulations, wherever you plan to sell your product.  Label requirements can be complicated when you are getting started, but with Summerhall Distillery you can be certain you have everything covered.

Our Clients Include...

Our Clients Include...
Our Clients Include...
Our Clients Include...
Our Clients Include...
Our Clients Include...
Our Clients Include...
Our Clients Include...
Our Clients Include...

Small Batch Scottish Spirits

Unlike the large industrial distilleries, we are small enough to put personal attention into handcrafting every single bottle in small batches, ensuring constant quality. You also have the additional comfort that as a product of Scotland, your customers will know they can trust they are getting quality and ethically sourced products as standard.

Unprecedented Access

They say, “a picture paints a thousand words”, well a video showing every single bottle being hand-crafted is worth even more!  We are happy to work with you to document the entire process of creating your product with Summerhall Distillery. This will truly allow you to show your customers the effort that goes into crafting each bottle. 

Acreddited Supplier

Summerhall Distillery Ltd is a fully SALSA accredited organisation that supplies a range of spirits. All our products are made to the highest professional standards. We have full traceability of all raw materials used - from source to bottle. We have complete HASSAP analysis of all our processes and monitor all CCP’s to ensure the quality of the products. Summerhall Distillery Ltd is fully licenced, insured and registered with HMRC and adheres to all required standards.

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Frequently asked questions

It depends! We factor in everything from order quantity to labels to style of cap to provide the best price for each project individually.

We are open to orders of all sizes, whether a test batch of a few hundred bottles or a full production of thousands of cases.

We are currently able to produce over 2000 bottles per day -depending on complexity.