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The Broody Hen Whisky hits Europe!

We launched The Broody Hen Scotch Whisky just five months ago (June, 2022) and since its release, The Broody Hen has fled the nest to Europe. 

Tuesday 25th October, was the official launch night of The Broody Hen Scotch Whisky in Amsterdam with our import partner, Anker Amsterdam Spirits. The launch night took place on the out-skirts of Amsterdam, in our very own Hen House. Journalists and influencers flocked to the event to find our Hidden Spirit, concealed by woodland and hay bales.

Once inside the Hen House, guests were fitted with a splash of tartan and welcomed with the classic Crack of Dawn cocktail using The Broody Hen Blended Scotch Whisky. With the launch event in full swing, it was time to introduce the guests to Summerhall Distillery's story and an introduction to The Broody Hen brand. 

Rachel (Head of Marketing) and Callum (Sales Executive) flew out to Amsterdam from Edinburgh to be at the event and to share our story! A guided tasting of The Broody Hen Blended Scotch Whisky and The Broody Hen 10 Year Old Single Malt, left guests invested in our brand and of course the whisky itself! There's nothing like tasting a good old dram of whisky whilst enjoying a few traditional Scottish songs played on the bagpipes (played by our very own Callum)! 

The Broody Hen launch in Amsterdam marks the first launch for our whisky brand in Europe with Anker Spirits, as well as the first of many other launch events. The Summerhall Distillery team are delighted to be working with the team at Anker and to be growing The Broody Hen Scotch Whisky across many other countries in Europe! We're keeping the next launch event close to the nest for now... but until the next one, Slàinte Mhaith!