The Cocktail & Cheese Pairing Experience is now available!

Edinburgh’s famed Summerhall Distillery, best known for Pickering’s Gin is now offering a cocktail and cheese pairing experience to visitors.

Since having launched Pickering’s Gin in March 2014, the gin tours have evolved over the last nine years, making the distillery a five-star, award-winning tourist destination in the capital. Pickering’s Gin now offer three completely different styled gin tours, with a newly launched Cocktail and Cheese Pairing Experience.

Summerhall Distillery sign

Visitors will enjoy a two-hour luxury experience above the distillery in the company’s boardroom, where they will create three classic styled gin cocktails paired with a selection of the finest Scottish cheeses. Equipped with all the necessary ingredients and utensils, guests will be guided through a cocktail masterclass, whilst learning about the origin of the cocktail they are making.

With an emphasis on sourcing and supporting other local businesses, Summerhall Distillery are working with acclaimed cheese monger, I.J. Mellis to perfectly pair their award-winning spirits and seasonal cocktail recipes to a range of stunning Scottish cheeses.

Someone taking a photo of cheese pairings with gin

Marina Capaldi, Head of Visitor Experience at Summerhall Distillery comments,

“Having worked in the tourism industry for 12 years now, a massive part of my role at Pickering’s Gin is developing new concepts for tours and experiences. Born and raised in France I grew up surrounded by the French terroir which developed my passion for fine wines and cheeses. Now living in Scotland and working with gin, I began experimenting new pairings with cheese.

This led to the development of this new experience, which shows off what our spirits and local produce from Scotland has to offer. The Cocktail and Cheese Pairing Experience has already been a great success since it’s launch at the end of 2022, and we welcome visitors from all around to come and along, have fun and explore their senses!”

Marina Capaldi

The team at Summerhall Distillery aim to modify the cocktail and cheese offerings every three months, so that the recipes and pairings are coherent with the seasons. The spring edition of The Cocktail and Cheese Pairing Experience is available from the first weekend in March and will run until 31st May 2023.

The Cocktail & Cheese Pairing Experience will run at a capacity of eight people, costing £50 per head. Visitors can book this new experience here