Behind the Scenes at Pickering's Gin

Creating Pickering's Summer Flavours - BTS


Behind the scenes- where we bring our multi-skilled Pickering's team together! Quinn in the picture below is actually our Distillery Operative, come professional photographer and Photoshop whizz!

Together with our Co-Founder, Marcus and Brand Manager, Rachel, Team Pickering's set out for a day of photography. With the luck of some sunshine, we created a picnic scene in the garden to get the perfect first shots of Pickering's new summer flavour.


Someone taking a photograph of a picnic setting

BTS in Summerhall Distillery! 
Where new Pickering's products are born...

After our botanical engineers perfected the recipe for four new summer flavoured gins, Team Pickering's worked together to bottle and hand-wax 4000 bottles! From Sales, to the Marketing and Finance team, everyone mucked in to ensure our new flavoured gins were ready in time for our GinFriends to enjoy this summer! 


Pickering's Gin being bottled