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Celebrating our local bars: Nauticus Bar

Nauticus Bar, Edinburgh
With the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in full swing, we've been checking in with our local bars around Edinburgh. We caught up with Co-Founder, Kyle from Nauticus Bar, located in Leith. A bar who champions Scottish liquor and produce, and we're proud to have Pickering's Gin on their menu!


Favourite Gin Cocktail from each team member?
"Mine [Kyle] is definitely a wet Martini or Negroni at the moment, going back to classic for sure. Meghan has said the same as me but also loves a White Lady! Matty's is a Clover Cub. Scotty smashes down Southside's like they're going out of fashion, so definitely a Southside."
Why did you choose to champion Scottish produce, and where does gin fits into this?
"We chose to champion Scottish produce because there is such a vast array of incredible products being made locally and in Scotland. We noticed there wasn't really any other bars focusing on products that were solely from the community around them. Leith especially has a long history with alcohol and it was inspiring to see what had been and what was coming up in Leith."
What similarities do you feel there are between gin and other spirits?
"Gin is in its own category for sure, there's so many different styles and flavour profiles."
What do you think gin's future in the trade looks like?
"I can't really see it stopping to be honest. There's been a huge boom in the gin market and people are far more educated and aware of what gin they want to drink, I don't think that's going to change." 


Pictures by: @nauticusbar