Pickering's Gin now available in the USA

It has certainly been a big year for export - first America, then China!  

We’ve been eagerly pursuing the American market even since winning a loyal set of American #Ginfriends after our Pickering’s Gin Baubles went…well…viral across the world in 2016. Our little Christmas ornaments filled with gin moved the emotions of Brits and Americans alike and were soon picked up by news desks Stateside like: USA Today, ABC News and even Cosmopolitan magazine. Soon after, even famous TV chef Martha Stewart was posting about them on her Facebook page. Demand grew and grew and there was nothing we could do, even ABC news called us up for an interview in Times Square! Problem was, that as each bauble is filled by hand, we didn’t have enough to send across the pond.


This year, Matt and Marcus (gin suitcase in hand) have been travelling across America, visiting local liquor stores across the land to introduce customers to our gins the old-fashioned way- in person. Pickering’s is going down a treat, with a real growing taste for premium, artisanal Scottish gin.