The EnGINe47 has her first Gin-mergency

Our original company car, the Austin A35 Ginny, has had to share her gin-garage with a fair few peculiar vehicles over the years. First there was (probably) the smallest mobile gin bar in the world – ‘Ginette’ the miniature motorbike. Then, at the opposite end of the scale, there was our 12 foot converted Airstream caravan with a fully kitted-out cocktail bar. It’s no surprise that Marcus and Matt eventually grew restless, desiring yet another motor for their collection. Whilst scouring an internet auction site one day, they came across just the thing: a miniature Japanese airport fire engine.


When Marcus brought ‘enGINe 47’ home to Summerhall Distillery for the first time the team could barely contain themselves. Sirens wailing, light hearted heckles spouting from Marcus on the tannoy – it certainly makes an entrance. The engine was undeniably charming, but Marcus wasn’t about to settle for anything short of bedazzling. 

A new frame was built by Blakes engineering in Edinburgh. A cover was created by Sail Doctor in Port Edgar and a roll out, fold out bar fixed to the back. Then it was over to Marcus to do the rest. Putting his old art restoration and prototype production skills into action, garden hoses were painstakingly replaced with beer lines. Little kegs, dressed up as ‘thirst-extinguishers’, were filled with gin cocktails and hey-presto! our latest invention was ready to hit the streets of Edinburgh.


Making her debut on World Gin Day 2018, EnGINe47 delighted guests at Brewhemia, our World Gin Day partner, by distributing free G&Ts to the wandering and the thirsty. Needless to say, it was a rip-roaring success.

With the gin-garage so busy these days, we will be sending EnGINe47 out on her travels to quench thirsts nationwide. Have a Gin-mergency? She’s here to serve and to quench.