Pickering's Launch Four New Festive Gins

Pickering’s Gin have launched a range of four brand new festively flavoured gins along with their infamous, Brussels Sprout flavoured gin.

The new festive flavours have been released as a follow up to the huge success of Pickering’s Flavoured Gin Baubles. Causing internet mayhem, Pickering’s renowned Gin Baubles came to the market by storm, selling out in just 82 seconds.

The gin brand’s exciting, new festive flavours include, Christmas Cookie, Pecan Pie, Chocolate Orange and Later Than Eight – we’ll let you take a wild guess as to which flavour that is.


Four bottles of festively flavoured Pickering's Gin


Distilled at Summerhall Distillery, Pickering’s Festive Flavours are based on the original recipe for Pickering’s Gin, including 9 botanicals with natural flavours and colours.  Co-Founder and Head Distiller, Matt Gammell comments:

“It was a fun challenge for us to create these familiar festive flavours into delicious gins. The distilling team and I spent quite some time in our botanical room ensuring each flavour was perfectly balanced and tasted exactly how you would expect.”

“I’m happy to say that the new festive flavours, didn’t have quite as pungent a smell as our Brussels Sprout Gin did… making the tasting and perfecting of these four spirits more enjoyable. We love the end result of these festive flavours and hope our customers can indulge and enjoy them with friends and family over the festive period.”


Pickering’s Festive Flavoured Gins are available as giftable 200ml and 50ml sized bottles. The 200ml bottles can be bought individually, whereas the 50ml bottles are part of Pickering’s Festive Save My Seat Set.

Festive save my seat set at a dinner table


The full range of Pickering’s Festive Flavoured Gins are limited-edition, available from Monday 1st of November until the of December.