Welcome Back Ginfriends!

How are you settling into 2022? We hope you've had a wonderful start to the year so far! We wanted to reach out and remind you that we know January can be a little... dry, especially after all the festivities. However, Team Pickering's promise to be there to lighten up your month. From new content, to fun competitions, we invite all our Ginfriends to get involved- dry January or not!

Let's get through January together ❤️

2022 : The Year of Stories

Thanks to VisitScotland, their theme for 2022 is the Year of Stories. At Pickering's we think there's no better way to start the year than simply appreciating what you have, and for us, that is definitely good stories. Even during the lockdowns and hurdles thrown at us during 2021, we were lucky enough to have plenty of stories. So, this year we can't wait to share many more new stories with you!

In addition we'd like to invite our lovely Ginfriends to get involved by simply sharing your stories! Below is just a very small round up of some favourite moments that brought us stories in 2021. You can get involved on social media by by interacting with our accounts (@pickeringsgin) and hashtag #pickgin  
A collection of photographs with Pickering's Gin