Mixology With Marcus

You may have noticed the new series we launched towards the end of last year with our Co-Founder, Marcus Pickering. Or perhaps you've not come across the riveting series yet! Nevertheless, sit tight we're here to tell you more.

Team Pickering's launched Mixology with Marcus (MWM) in December 2021 for some festive fun and cocktail inspiration. Since receiving such a great response from you lovely folk, Mixology With Marcus will remain a staple in our weekly social media updates. So, if you're needing some cocktail inspiration or just want to join in the Happy Hour, MWM will hit your timelines every Friday at 5pm.
Marcus Pickering holding a cocktail

How a brilliant idea came to be...

Thanks to you lot we get plenty emails and messages asking for cocktail recommendations and how best to serve our #pickgin range. Team Pickering's were inspired and set-out to create a fun, interactive and easy way to share plenty Peacocktails with our Ginfriends. Mixology With Marcus is a no faff, simple series that will allow our followers to easily replicate cocktails at home. 

Our Co-Founder Marcus, has a true love for Gin and a fascination for how things are made (see more here), so a mixology series couldn't be a better fit. With little to no bartending experience, you can follow Marcus on his mixology journey as he practises and perfects new, fun and innovative cocktail recipes! 
Marcus Pickering making a cocktail with someone filming him

Where to find Mixology with Marcus

You can easily watch our MWM full series (so far) across our social media channels. If you are on Instagram the easiest way to get involved is by clicking on the 'reels' section. 

You can get us on social media by searching @pickeringsgin