Our Partnership with Cunard Cruises - 4 Queens Gin

Since 2017, we've proudly partnered with Cunard Cruises to craft the iconic and renowned 3 Queen's Gin range: Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth. As the Cunard fleet grows, it's only fitting that the gin range evolves alongside it.

With the exciting introduction of the Queen Anne liner, we've taken the opportunity to rebrand and expand the gin collection, now proudly known as Cunard 4 Queens Gin.

The Queen Anne Gin was crafted to pay homage to the rich heritage of the British Isles with a herbaceous blend featuring milk thistle, heather, and zesty sea buckthorn. This is harmoniously balanced with the sweetness of Queen Anne rose petals and blackcurrant leaves.

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Our History with Cunard Cruises

Although our partnership started back in 2017, Cunard Cruises has had ties to the Summerhall Distillery family for a lot longer than you think, specifically to our Co-Founder Marcus Pickering.

Marcus’ great-uncle, Captain George Gibbons CBE RD RNR (pictured left, next to his great-nephew), sailed as captain of Cunard White Star liners from 1909-1944. These ships included Majestic, Aquitania (“The Ship Beautiful”) and the legendary transatlantic liner Queen Mary in 1936.

Marcus’ great-uncle, Captain George Gibbons CBE RD RNR (pictured left, next to his great-nephew)

A chance connection that has produced a most exceptional gin collection. Inspired by Cunard's four legendary ships and their elegant sophistication, we have balanced botanicals emblematic of each Queen’s route today.

It was a match made in heaven. Our Co-Founder and Head Distiller Matt Gammell was quick to set sail on creating four unique London Dry Gins to represent each of the Cunard queens. Each Queen had specially selected botanicals based on their voyages around the globe.


Meet the 4 Queens  

Cunard 4 Queens
Cunard 4 Queens Gin