The First Pickering's Gin Tattoo (that we know of)

We sponsor The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo but we didn't sponsor this one...

In what we believe to be the first ever Pickering's Gin tattoo, we tracked
down Jirko Zwicker of Germany who had our
Pickering's Gin with Scottish Botanicals (that's the Official Gin of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo) permanently etched onto his skin.
Mr Zwicker chose famous Italian tattooer Mattia Mambo, known for his uniquely bold and colourful style, to create this one-off gin ink. Mattia is known for having invented a new style of tattoo that he
calls "destrutturato", which roughly translates to deconstructed in English.
All of his pieces have a vivid pop art aesthetic and are notable for their simple yet striking abstraction.
When Mattia shared the photo to his 346,000 Instagram followers at the end of July, we naturally we had to investigate further...
We interviewed Mr Zwicker to find out what led to this unique act of Pickering's fandom... Here is what he had to say:
"Pickering's is a secret favourite of mine. The first time I drank it was at the Feathers Bar in London and
as a gin lover, I really like this edition with the Scottish Botanicals. I am delighted to be
noted as the person with the first Pickering's tattoo. I always say... it's a gin you can always drink!"
Safe to say, we are blown away by this striking piece of artwork and we look forward to seeing if any more people come forward to share their Pickering's Gin tattoos.
Mr Pickering himself has his eye on a design after seeing Mambo's masterpiece so watch this space...