The world's first gin to tickle your tastebuds at 30,000 feet

Good taste. Some have it. Some don't. But did you know that at 30,000 feet high, our taste receptors are significantly suppressed? Air pressure, lack of humidity, and even the hum of the plane's engines can render many high-flyers unable to discern sweet and salty flavours effectively.
Now that's the kind of whacky science challenge our engineers, Matt & Marcus just couldn't resist. So they set about their latest ginvention - a tipple that would taste as good in the sky, as it did on the ground.
Clearly, exhaustive testing was required. Different recipes were trialled at different altitudes, and the result (aside from a slightly merry Matt at baggage reclaim) was a beautifully balanced gin that's tasting notes shift, the higher you fly.
This unique expression balances a bouquet of bold floral juniper and lemon myrtle, with hints of beautifully British heather and rose petal, and warmer undertones of cardamon and cinnamon spice. Delicious whether you're relaxing in the departure lounge or kicking back with an in-flight movie.
And the really exciting bit? This latest feat of botanical engineering has been distilled in partnership with British Airways to celebrate their Centenary year.
To work with such an iconic brand is a dream for us. British Airways' reputation for quality products and service is unsurpassed. And now, Pickering's British Airways Centenary Gin is available to try on board all short haul flights, for the remainder of their Centenary year. We've even created a 'Gin Flight' mini gift pack, for those that like their Pickering's pocket sized. This is now available in the High Life shop on all flights long haul and non-EU flights.
So what's next for our intrepid ginventors? You'll just have to wait and see. But one thing's for sure, the sky's the limit.